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  1. Introduction

We know that if sounds get our attention, the stories hold it; if the songs create fans, the stories create super fans. We believe song stories come in all shapes and sizes and, most importantly, belong in the same place – connected by their genre – and decades spanning similarities as loadedplace  the king of promotion.

If You are an artist

Your song stories belong in the archive. We will work tirelessly to propel and nurture your story. We will give it lasting relevance in a world that seems to conspire to make it disposable. Get creative and have fun with it: documentary-style, selfie-style, animated, slideshow, VR – this is another form of creative expression in getting you out there to the fans worldwide.

If You are a fan

Come explore, search, download, stream, engage, and support the artists, advertisers that help make the world go around good for you.

Loadedplace, the best music promotion and distribution to Africa in the world

You may distribute your music to our 10+ channels making us one of the fastest music promotion and distribution entertainment platform in Nigeria to the world.

Our Team

Our dedicated team ensure your endeavors and thinks of exploding beyond your expectations never hang around with just a thought but harvest. we give advertisers to always have a personal point of contact and decision, not only do they have our advertisers best interest at heart, all of them have a background in music which allows them to connect to the everyday usage of our service.

Boosted with Banners & Sync

Included in distribution to in Africa: Banner Promotion and Sync. Banner Promotion on the DSPs gives your music instant visibility and is available to all new music releases. Sync-licensing makes your music available to be featured in visual media, movies, TV, ads, video games and more.

We’re a Supportive company.

Join our growing family of artists & record labels using Loadedplace music promotion and distribution service to reach more than 800 million music listeners in Africa. Our site is already growing numerously every day and outranking many others company to give you the clear difference of how competitive African’s music industry is becoming these days.

Loadedplace Partners

Loadedplace knows the value of collaboration and works with partners around the Globe to provide the best value and expertise for our artists and advertisers. presently we’re partnering with boomplay, tidal, etc.

Sync License your Music to Radio, TV Series and Movies

By affordly distributing your music, video through us, you will have the opportunity for music synchronization licensing in our channels with various visual media, such as: movies, TV series, advertisement and video games. Sync Licensing will help you boost your music and income to an entirely new level in an entertainment industry.

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